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mike’s graduation.

Friday, June 5th, 2015

brother bear is officially a graduate of the university of texas!  or a “texas ex” as they like to call ’em [which i personally think is a bit silly since i prefer the “once an aggie, always an aggie” mentality, rather than being an “ex” of my school.  it’s as if they broke up or something.  but i’m not biased at all].  ;)

anyway.  this brother of mine is so smart and has worked so hard and has done so well.  he graduated as a turing scholar with a bachelor of science in computer science from a fantastic university, and i couldn’t be more proud of him and all his accomplishments.

both grandmothers accompanied us to austin for the graduation ceremony [and fun weekend that went along with it] AND aunt carol & greg were nice enough to come all the way from arizona to join us for the ceremony/weekend also.  it was pretty great to have the family together to be celebrating mike [and his cute girlfriend priscilla too!] – such a fun occasion to be present for.  here are some snapshots from the weekend:

Cactus Flowers

Cactus Flowers

Breakfast Tacos



Fans of the Graduate

{fans of the graduate!  waiting for the ceremony to start}

UT Graduation

{we lucked out because the amount of people graduating in mike’s segment was smallish.}


{congratulations to mike!}


{…and to priscilla too!}


Proud Parents

{proud parents}

The Fam


The Grandmothers

The Grandmothers

Aunt Carol & Greg

Love These Two!

The Texas Capitol

{the texas capitol, some construction, and LOTS of people}



Dinner at Siena

{we had a celebration dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, siena.}




The Best Meal

{my favorite pasta ever – ribbon pasta with grilled fennel sausage, goat cheese & cracked red chili pomodoro sauce.}


Canoe Art

{the next day, mike gave us a tour of the UT campus and we got to see this cool new sculpture made of canoes.}


Aggie-Longhorn Pictures

Aggie-Longhorn Pictures

{obligatory aggie-longhorn pictures}

These Boys

{these guys.}

UT Campus

UT Campus

The Tower

The Tower

UT Campus

Congratulations Mike!

we love you mike and we’re SO excited for you to be in dallas [most especially, me!].  :)  xoxo

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