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sunday goodness: week 16

Sunday, August 16th, 2015

this weekend, i went down to austin with ryan to meet his brother mykle, his sister-in-law stephanie, their almost-11-year-old son dylan, and their 3-month-old daughter masyn.  it was a complete blast from start to finish – everything from the roadtrip down and back [which is what all my single-girl dreams were made of… you know, big texas sky, riding shotgun with my man, music playing and sharing stories and taking wrong turns and laughing and all that good stuff] to meeting ryan’s family and getting to love on sweet baby masyn and doing all kinds of fun things.  we went to the gun range [my first time… ryan and mykle taught me how to shoot!], got mani/pedis [well, stephanie, her mom, and i did… ryan stayed home for this little excursion] ;), AND spent an evening at top golf which was awesome.  and then this morning we had brunch with ryan’s friend max and saw his beautiful new home.

stephanie and mykle were so nice for inviting me to come down and letting me stay with them and for making it such a great weekend.  it was so much fun!  and they are a cool family.  hoping to see them again soon.  here are a few photos from the weekend:


{roadtrippin’ with my boo.  and frank in the back!}

Gun Range

{i never thought i would be the shooting type but it was actually really fun!  maybe i’m a texan after all!}  ;)

Gun Range

{bringing out the big guns}

Baby Masyn

{this cutie is an angel baby.  she hardly ever cries!}

Top Golf

{top golf}

Top Golf

{he is the best.}

Top Golf

{makes me smile.}

anyway, this whole weekend was wonderful and ryan is wonderful, so this sunday just feels extra good. :)  enjoy your week!  xoxo

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